Flying Blind


Candidate Promotional Campaign

Scene opens with female speaker wearing a vintage pilot’s helmet and scarf blowing in the breeze. She has a blindfold covering her eyes and is blissfully whistling while flying randomly through an imaginary sky. Until she peeks out from the blindfold to realize she’s about to run into a tree.

Whoa! (Nervous laughter…) I was flying blind there! Haha… She lands, feet down, just in time.

She takes off the helmet and talks to the viewer.

You’re probably a lot like me. Flying blind.

I know I should probably be taking vitamins, but I’m not really sure which ones I need. Vitamin D? Vitamin B? C? E? K? Who really knows?! So I opt for a multivitamin. When I look at all the options, I feel like I could almost put the blindfold back on (holds the blindfold up) and just grab something off the shelf! Oh look… here… I am… a WOMAN… I’m under 50… And I’m active… At least I WANT to be active. Yep… that’s… exactly ME. (…and 100 million other women under 50.) Said under her breath.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, under 50 or over 50, we all face the same challenge: Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly which vitamins our bodies actually need?

But to do that, we’d have to make an appointment to see our doctor. (Ka-ching! $)

And he’d want to schedule some blood work. (Ka-ching again!)

And then we’d have find time to go to the lab to get our blood drawn (Ouch!)

Then we’d have to wait for the results… (yawn)

Then we’d have to make a follow-up appointment with our doc. (Another Ka-ching!)

And FINALLY he could tell us that we’re low in vitamin D and need more thiamine in our blood. So after he tells us what vitamins that we should be taking, we’d go the health food store and buy a bunch of individual supplements so that we can customize our vitamin regimen. (Double-Ka-Ching!)

But after all that… how do you know if it’s actually working for you? Well, I suppose you could call up your doc again in three months or so, and go through the whole expensive process again to see how well your regimen has been working (Aaghhh!)

As you can see, with this model, you either fly blind like most people, and hope you’re getting the kind of vitamins your body needs, or you become hyper-involved and spend a ton of money and time to actually make an educated decision.

That’s where the KalibrateV Personal Vitamin System comes in. It’s an innovative concept that pairs an ultra-accurate, ultra-convenient, in-home blood test with your smart phone in order to deliver a three-month supply of daily multivitamins right to your door—all for just $55. That’s less than 65¢ a day. And the cost of the blood test is included!

It works like this:

1. You download the KalibrateV app onto your phone and order the free blood collection kit. In a day or so, the kit arrives in your mailbox.

2. Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through the process of pricking your fingertip and collecting your blood.

3. When your done, you send the collection kit back to the KalibrateV lab where they test and process your blood sample.

4. In about 2 days, you’ll receive your blood results securely on your smart phone, and your customized multivitamin blend is mailed to your home.

5. Daily reminders from the app prompt you to take your vitamins over the next 90 days.

6. Toward the end of your cycle, a new blood collection kit will arrive so your next 90-day supply can be re-calibrated.

So with the KalibrateV system, you not only receive customized vitamins for your body’s unique needs—you also receive quarterly blood tests to help you assess your health and make sure you’re always getting the vitamins that are just right for you—all for less than 65¢ a day.

Or you could just stick with flying blind… After all, if it might be working for all those millions of other people out there…