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We are about to demonstrate our initial prototype.  Merriam-Webster says a prototype is "a first full-scale and usually functional form of a new type or design of a construction".  Our prototype will be a functional form of our customized vitamin product.  We are on track to demonstrate our prototype soon.

This prototype will include: ​

  • Functioning blood collection device
  • Vitamin D blood test
  • Customized 90 day supply of multivitamins
  • Mobile app design​

​Although these components may not all be performed using the production methods of our final product, they will be representative of the product we are commercializing.  As we progress toward commercialization we will demonstrate further prototypes that will more closely approach the commercial product. 

Mark and Cecil (graphic designer, and experience designer respectively) are bringing out a new design for the prototype.  Some of their design artifacts include:

Up till now, we have been using a smart bluish, more clinical design.  My children (from the millennial generation) have told me that the clinical design is more Cerner (leading healthcare enterprise information system), and that this alternative design is more Nike.  Which do you like?