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Alpha Prototype Demonstration

We have successfully demonstrated our alpha prototype.  It consists of 1) the mobile phone app, 2) collection kit, 3) blood test and 4) custom formulated vitamins.

The alpha prototype mobile phone app is an Android app that facilitates the user signing up, requesting collection kit, drawing blood, personalizing supplements and ordering the customized vitamins.  We will be posting it onto Google Play so that alpha users can download it and review it.

The alpha prototype collection kit consists of a mailer, an alcohol wipe for cleaning the incision site, a lancet for making the incision and a collection device for collecting the blood sample.  We demonstrate using it to draw blood in this video.


The alpha prototype blood test consisted of testing circulating Vitamin D in our lab.

Vitamins were custom formulated for the user based on the blood test and the Recommended Daily Allowance promulgated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).