About Us

KalibrateV, Inc. is developing a unique personal vitamin system that calibrates vitamin dosages from blood tests. Blood is tested every 90 days to re-calibrate each vitamin dosage. With the exclusive right to embed KalibrateMe’s ultra-convenient, ultra-affordable, and ultra-accurate blood test, the cost behavior is affordable for all.

The founders of KalibrateV have been engaged in the development of a unique, patented blood-testing process for the past 10 years that makes blood testing ultra-convenient, ultra-accurate, and ultra-affordable. KalibrateMe, Inc. is the affiliate company that performs these blood tests.  KalibrateV was founded during February 2016 for the purpose of embedding this blood test into a game-changing, personal vitamin system that customizes vitamins to each individual body’s needs and that will be introduced to the U.S. market. The patented, finger-prick blood test accurately calibrates a custom blend of multivitamins tailored to the individual’s blood test results, making the product unique in a competitive marketplace.

KalibrateV is a development-stage company.  It expects to enter the market with its pilot product in the first quarter of 2018 and launch nationwide in the third or fourth quarter of 2018.